Anais Nin, the power of Marvelous

I decided to paint this Anais Nin's t- shirt because the reading of her  "The Diary" gave me very strong emotions,.

" I am so thirtsty for the marvelous that only the marvelous has power over me. Anything I can not transform into something marvelous I let go."

The quote above that I have painted with an Anais Nin beautiful portrait,  is a part  of a speech in which Anais Nin  tries to summarize, during an interview, her  way of approaching life.


Her writing reveals a controversial personality, a woman who is not afraid to experiment, nor even to manifest her desires, even erotic ones.

But what most fascinated me, reading Anais Nin Journal, was to find myself in Paris in the 30s, in the fervent life of those years, with her friends, young writers and important artists which Anais spent hours talking about art.

Therefore, I decided to put my personal tribute tshirt to Anais Nin /products/anais-nin-t-shirt-painted-literary-tshirt-wearable-art in my shop  / .

Hope you like it and  you could  forgive my bad English :)

My handmade, painted 3d t-shirt 

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