Not only Hair.

I'm talking about hair ... you should think that is a steril argument.
Nothing more wrong!
A few months ago I started to paint Afro T-shirts with black women images and their beautiful


, Afro Black Queen Tshirt

afro black queen tshirt

I thought that my relief colors could be perfect to represent them and in fact they did, they make their beauty exactly.

From that moment, I entered in an "other" world where hair speak, narrate and express an infinite number of values and I've desired to speak about it by my Painted 3d T-shirts and I created an Afrocentric Afro T-shirts Collection.



I discovered that it's like an alternative  language, the  language of #naturalhair care from black women. #Pineappling #spirally #spirallycoily #indigenouscurls coilyspringy # crimpy #ziggly #frizzie #doobbie #curlytwirly #curlyspirally #Curlycoily #coilyspringy #coilycrimpy #coilyziggly #Shrinkage #WTF #TFA #BC #3B #3/C #4 #4/A #4/B #4/C #BigChop #TWA ...and #sisterlocks, my favorites! 


Today... I want to talk about hair of black women, those creatures who flaunt hairstyles as crowns, I want write about natural hair that remind to Africa, the wonderful continent and to their love for it that they carry with them under their black skin.



But I want to mention also the desire, for the black women,  to affirm themselves, to be independents, to support each others, to experiment, not to be omologates, to have fun ...expressing fantasy of cuts , colors and, I hope, finding in every corner of the world the strength to assert them  freedom of being  women with the joy of being able to be.


So ...I want to write a bit of the African-American women.
Maybe I speak better with my Afrocentric T-shirts, visit my  site  

you're more than welcome :)

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  • The paintings 12 & 13 on the page titled,“Not only my hair”spoke to me and i’m inquiring about your prices and if you do custom work as well.I’m a huge fan of Eryhah Badu and Lauren Hill and want to know what are your prices for oil paintings of them and/or shirts done with those images?


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