Hope, love and magic on this Frida Kahlo's Portrait T-shirt. " Autorretrato con traje de terciopelo" Frida Kahlo 1927.

As soon as I saw " Autorretrato con traje de terciopelo", I thought I had to realize one of my handmade painted 3d tshirts with this portrait.

"Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress", is a early and the first important  Frida Kahlo's self portrait, painted in 1926, when Frida had only 19 years.

I love Frida Kahlo and that's  why I created  so many tshirts dedicated to the  images of this wonderful mexican artist, as you can see from  my catalog  /collections/all  in my shop www.quortshirts.com

I adore her personality and her poetry, even more of her paintings (for me they are  too steeped in pain), but when Annarosa, one of my wonderful customers, ask me to paint for her one of my customizable tshirts,  with one of Frida Kahlo's self portraits, we are, both, immediatly touched by this one. 

 Frida  painted it in 1926, when she was only 19 years old and not yet affected by the her relationship with Diego Rivera.

Rather... Frida Kahlo used  this painting as a gift for  her lover in that period, Alejandro Gómez Arias, to regain his love,  because he left her,  thinking  she was  a girl too liberal.

The sea bottom is a symbol of life, because Frida, in that moment,  is coming out from  a very difficult period.

The mexican artist  is now influenced by the Italian Renaissance, as can be seen  from the oil technique and from the use of the overall .perspective for the sense of depth, as well as from wearing dress that wants to represents her  as a princess that she defined

It's curious to read in some of her letters to Alejandro that she defined  herself in that self portrait  "your Boticelli".

The mexican young artist  was hoping her self-portrait could have the magical power to can win back her love and...her hope was not disappointed because,  after Alejandro received this painting, they went back to be together again!

But the parents of Alejandro don't want him to be together with Frida  and  force him to leave for Europe in March 1927.

These events are a great motivation to dedicate one of my painted tshirts to this Frida Kahlo's painting...isn't it? 

Frida  wrote him a lot of letters  awaiting him coming back to Mexico,  in one of these we can read this refererence to her portrait:  "Alex, your 'Boticeli' has also become very sad, but I told her that until you come back, she should be the 'sound asleep one'; in spite of this she remembers you always."   , in another : "You cannot imagine how marvelous it's to wait for you, serenely as in the portrait."

 Frida continues to attribute to her " Autorretrato con traje de terciopelo"  the magical power that can win back her love. 

And... what better Frida's quote  than this,  I could combine on my Frida's wearable art?

“¿se pueden inventar verbos? quiero decirte uno: yo te cielo, así mis alas se extienden enormes para amarte sin medida."

 for me, the most beautiful love sentence  ever written!!!!

These images are the result of my work, my latest Frida Kahlo's wearable art  /products/frida-kahlo-autorretrato-con-traje-de-terciopelo-camiseta-pintada-self-portrait-in-a-velvet-dress-t-shirt and I love it more and more because it allows me  to continue to learn  every day something new!


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