Web adores this Frida Kahlo's t-shirt on relief

Today I'm painting  this Frida Kahlo's t-shirt, I  really like it also because since I started to make  so,  I improved and studied many aspects of the personality of this  unique and strong woman and artist that I never know before.



This is my Frida's best-selling and most-ever clicked tshirt in the Web...so that you can still meet around  the old link that directs to my closed shop on a platform where there are no more, neither me nor my Frida Kahlo's tshirt in jeans with cigarette.

From the first time I made this t-shirt, on demand of one of my clients to whom I'm still very much tied (Pitsy),  I have painted so many Frida's tshirt  that I could really make it with closed eyes.

I realize this t-shirt with or without  Frida Kahlo's quotes, you can chose the sentence  you prefere, my painted t-shirts are all customizable  and the t-shirt can be white or black 

If you happen to find the image in any site or platform and, after clicked on,  you see the quote : "this item is no more available", don't believe them and come to seek here in my shop  //quortshirts.com

you'll find it here at this link /products/frida-kahlo-t-shirt-3d-painting-by-quor

or here: /frida-kahlo-shirt-t-shirt-quote-tshirt-3d-camiseta-pintada-mexico-floral-quor-painted-art

I'm going back to paint now, I have to finish my tshirt :)

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