Quor painting t-shirts: CONFUSION OR FREEDOM?

Today I'm thinking about my job and I wish to talk you about my Quortshirts, homemade printed and painted 3d T-shirts 

 I'd like to tell you something about me and what's "Quortshirts",  I want to tell you that   I buy   the t-shirts from suppliers, I wash to remove the starch,  I choose the images, I edit them with a program of photography, I print and crop them,  I impress with the press on T-shirts and then I paint ... meanwhile I take care the online shop, promotion on social pages, relationships with customers, finally I wash my shirts, I iron them, I put and insert in the packaging, I business cards and I run to the post office to fill out and mail the baggage tags.

But .....mmmmmhhhh....I thought that I would have made you a little anxious, so I decided to show you the most beautiful part of my work, the painting.
I was  wrong?


Confusion or freedom?

This is me.

This is Quortshirts.

This is my life.

 An everlasting confusion between T-shirts, brushes and colors scattered everywhere. #handmaderevolution #handmade #paintingtshirts #Quor #Quortshirts


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