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QuorTshirts Artistic Handmade T shirts: confusion or freedom?

Yesterday, while I was painting one of my custom T shirts, I thought to write something  about my

Quortshirts , my beloved  handmade painted T-shirts

 I'd like to tell you something about me and what is my homemade little business Quortshirts .

My work consists in all these phases:

. I buy  the t-shirts from suppliers, I wash them  to remove the starch,  on the web I choose the images that I edit  with a program of photography, I print and crop them before  impressing them  with the press on the T-shirts and then...finally.... I can paint!

afrocentric artistic t shirt painted beautiful

frida kahlo t shirt artistic for sale  for art teachers

madonna t shirt for sale also oversized xxxl

David Bowie Artistic t shirt colorful neon for sale

grace jones artistic t shirt afrocentric tee oversizes

Meanwhile I have to take care of my online shop  sharing promotion on social pages, keeping contacts and relationships with  my customers, finally I wash my painted  Tee shirts, I iron them, I put and insert them in the packaging I created, I  fill out   the postal coupons and the envelopes and then  I run to the post office to send them

But .....mmmmmhhhh....I thought that I would have made you a little anxious, so I decided to show you the most beautiful part of my work, the painting.
Was  I wrong?


quortshirts handmade painted artistic t shirtsThis is me..quortshirts artistic handmade t shirts on demand made in Italy

This is Quortshirts.

This is my life.

 An everlasting confusion between T-shirts, brushes and colors scattered everywhere. 




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