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KEITH RICHARDS T-shirt PAINTED 3D on relief  On Demand - Quortshirts

KEITH RICHARDS T-shirt PAINTED 3D on relief On Demand

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This is one of my Keith Richards Tshirts  Painted on relief 

I realize my T-shirts printing   and painting  by me each single t-shirt, using Permanent Color on relief

You can wash ALL my T-shirts

  • It's NOT like any other T-shirts
  • it's NOT a serial tshirt
  • it's NOT a simple Piece of Cotton
  • my Keith Richards' T-shirt it's Art to Wear
  • my Keef Tee it's a little wearable I will realize  on YOUR Demand

My Keith Richards T-shirt will made by me just for  YOU!

 *Feel free to contact me for any doubt or questions

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My Handmade Art  T-shirts are not simple Tshirts they are Art to Wear , everyone different from the other one

T-shirt is packaged in an original cardboard box, perfect as a gift!

All items in my shop are created by me, made to order,  therefore, they are exclusive, unique and unrepeatable!!!