Frida Kahlo T-shirt Painted 3d

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Are  you looking  for an Artistic  unique  Frida T shirt ?

This is the right place for YOU.

Imagine you, wearing an original Frida Kahlo  artistic portrait, as a little art work, made for you, On YOUR Demand,  not only a simple piece of would be your way to share around your appreciation to this unique female artist!


I LOVE Frida Kahlo, I think she is the greatest female personality in the  art of the 20th century for her personality, her passion, her  strength, even more of her pictorial and literary abilities

YOU can also  gift my Frida Kahlo artistic T-shirt to an art lovers or an art teacher  as many of my customers

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I will handly print and paint  this fabulous Frida image on YOUR T shirt, with my unique technique, using  my Permanent Colors  on relief, washable!!!

 If you prefere it WITHOUT QUOTE,  here the listing   Frida Kahlo by Fab Ceraolo T-shirt 

Or you can indicate, in the note of your order if you want me to paint it  in english insteed that  spanish.

 "No estoy enferma, estoy quebrada pero soy feliz hasta que pueda pintar"

              "I'm not sick, I'm broken but I'm happy until I can paint"

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***The t-shirt is packaged in an original cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***

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