Keith Richards  Mick Jagger T-shirt

Keith Richards Mick Jagger T-shirt Ruby Tuesday Painting 3d

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 This is a tshirt unique and original, that I will handprint and paint on YOUR Demand with my PERMANENT COLORS on relief  with my unique mixed media technique, 

**** WITH or WITHOUT QUOTE :    when you order, indicate  it in the notes box, in your checkout page.

The Rolling Stones, with their music and transgression marked an era and accompanied the young people of the legendary 70s

"Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind" is a quote of "Ruby Tuesday" a song written by Mick Jagger and Keith Richards and it's an invitation to never stop dreaming, a great gift for the best  friend or just for you!

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Since my T-shirts are totally different for any others and are NOT pieces of cotton, please, read  the REVIEWS that my  customers left to me  
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All items in my shop are created by me, made to order,  therefore, they are exclusive, unique and unrepeatable!!! 

***t-shirt is packaged in an original recycled cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***


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