2nd Hand Vintage Italiano

 2nd Hand Vintage Italiano 

In this Collection, you will  find Vintage items and second hand signed Italian Clothing, especially in the 80s and 90s, the golden years of fashion, when Haute Couture and almost all stylists and famous Brands produced all their items, here in Italy and the "Made in Italy"  conquered the Fashion world,   thanks to the skill of our artisans, to the care of every little detail, to the refinement of the fabrics, to the accuracy of the finishings and to the preciousness of the accessories.

Since I was a child I'm passionate about Vintage and antique items.

I love the care and attention to details with which objects were made,  to make them last for a long time and because they could tell the stories of those who had owned them.

I think there is a magic in each vintage item because it is like a time machine that makes us travel in history and in other far places

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