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Oriental Beauty

Image of wonderful Oriental   women, painted by me on my t-shirts

Oriental Beauty, Japanese Beauty ;Chinese Beauty,  Korean Beauty  東洋のの女性のTシャツ  I made this tshirt, creating this image with  mixed media art, I printed by myself the shirt  and I have painted it in relief, with my UNIQUE TECHNIQUE WITH water colors 3d The effect is wonderful, believe me!!!I made this tshirt because I want to show everywhere the fabulous and delicate  ...


Artistic Fashion T-shirts with Oriental Beauty アジアのファッションTシャツ I will handprint and paint it On Demand for YOU  with  my technique  using Permanent Colors on relief The effect is wonderful, believe me! *** CLICK HERE    ----->  /pages/reviews    <----   to read the REVIEWS that my wonderful customers left to me  *****CLICK ON THE PHOTO for a closer look and to better see the effect...



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