African Black Queen T-shirt Afro

African Queen T-shirt Afro Black Women Artistic T shirt

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African Queen T-shirt Afro Black Women Beauty Artistic T shirt Painted

I will realize on YOUR Demand  this afro artistic t-shirt, with my very special mixed media technique and painting  it in relief, with my  Permanent colors 3d

You're buying a real piece of art to wear, not a simple t shirt, made in Italy, by me,  for you...on your request!

I'm literally in love with the beauty of black women, of their skin, their hair, of the  plasticity and sensuality of their bodies...

so I created my Afrocentric T-shirts Collection 

Please, read  some of the REVIEWS that my customers left to me 

The effect is SPECTACULAR...believe me!

With my afrocentric collection  I want to  share around the world  the beauty of black women and to support their  independence.

*Please, look at my  other artistic handmade  t shirts 

 *Feel free to CONTACT ME  for any doubt or further informations 

**t-shirt is packaged in an original cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***

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