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Afro Black Queen T-shirt Afrocentric Tshirt Natural Hair

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I realized this ORIGINAL Black  American princess Portrait  in  Mixed Media Art and I will paint FOR YOU, on your Demand, on an Artistic Black Queen T shirt .

If you are searching  to buy a simple T shirt this is NOT the right place!

This is a creative artful t-shirt that I will realize just on YOUR Demand. 

I realize only Artistic t shirts, hand printed by me and then painted  with my unique technique, using my permanent colors on relief, washable 

You will wear a Piece of Art!

 *Feel free to contact me  for any questions or doubts

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I made this Afro Black Queen  T-shirt as a tribute to the beauty of black women and as my personal contribution to the fight for equal rights for African women.

It's painted in relief  with my Permanent Colors on relief 

***t-shirt is packaged in an original cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***

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