Afro Black Queen T shirt    Natural Hair T-shirt

Afro Black Queen T shirt PAINTED Natural Hair Diva T-shirt

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I will hand print and paint  for YOU this Artistic Afro Queen T shirt  with my unique technique, using Permanent Colors on relief.

You can wash ALL my T-shirts

  • It's an Artistic, Unique, Black Queen Afro Tshirt
  • little  wearable art work On YOUR Demand
  • it's handprinted and painted by me
  • It's NOT a serial T-shirt
  • You're buying a real piece of art to wear, not a simple t shirt, made in Italy, by me,  for you...on your request!

Contact me  for further informations or  doubts 

Look at my Afrocentric  T- shirts Collection

Read  the reviews  that my customers left to me

T-shirt is packaged in an original cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***

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