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Alain Delon T-shirt Artistic

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Alain Delon T-shirt  *NOT JUST A PIECE OF COTTON *

  • It's an Artistic, Unique ALAIN DELON Tshirt
  • It's a real  Wearable Art
  • It's  my tribute to the great French actor, one of the most beautiful, amazing and sexiest men of all time
  • I will  hand printed and Paint it with my hands on YOUR Demand
  • I use Permanent Colors on relief 
  • You can wash ALL my T-shirts
  • It's NOT a serial Tee, you can NOT  find around other t-shirts like mine
  •  *Feel free to contact me for any doubt 

***Read  the REVIEWS that my customers left to me

* Look at my ALL Handmade  Art T-shirts

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 ***t-shirt is packaged in an original cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***

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