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Autumn T shirt Leaves and Flowers ARTISTIC T-shirt Poetry Painted

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Autumn T shirt Leaves and Flowers ARTISTIC T-shirt Poetry Painted

This artistic  and literary Autumn  T shirt it's not printed, is totally painted by me with my particular technique using  permanent colors on relief and the  image   is my original drawing

"Autumn is a second Spring, when every leaf is a flower."  - Albert Camus

if you prefere I can paint for you the original sentence in French...you just have to indicate it in the note of the order:

"L'automne est un deuxième printemps où chaque feuille est une fleur." - Albert Camus

All my T-shirts are unique so I'll create for you another one that  it will be your UNIQUE  T-shirt...a really personalized ART TO WEAR! 

Autumn is the season when Nature is painted in strong colors that are tied with the romantic mood and I AM  an incurable romantic  so... I chose to paint this delicate Albert Camus' quote   with  some autumn leaves and flowers to express my feelings for this season that I feel very close to my way to be

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