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Bob Marley Peter Tosh T shirt Painted

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This Artistic T shirt is my tribute for two reggae musicians and .artists   "Bob" Marley and Peter Tosh ,  two fundamental components of the reggae group  The Wailers,  the famous Jamaican reggae  musicians 

I will hand print and paint it for YOU with my unique technique, using my Permanent Colors 3d effect 

Bob Marley and Peter Tosh music and  songs will remain forever in the history of music and this is the reason  why I decided to dedicate to them one of my artistic Music T shirts

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If you need some further informations or if you have some doubts, please, feel free to CONTACT ME

and please, read the REVIEWS  that my customers left to me  

**t-shirt is packaged in an original cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***

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