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Frida Kahlo   Necklace Glass Cabochon  Handmade  Jewel Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo Necklace Glass Cabochon Handmade Jewel Frida Kahlo

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This is an handmade Frida Kahlo's necklace that I will realize on YOUR demand  if you decide to buy it 

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My Frida Kahlo Art Neckaces on sale are different from the others because I LOVE Frida and I put all my passion and care in their realization.

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My   Frida Kahlo & Others  Necklaces  with my Frida Kahlo painted 3d  Collection T-shirts are   my personal tribute to one of the greatist female artist!

In this Frida's necklace  I put a recycled  small and precious bronze rose that was  applied on my italian signed vintage dress  and a faceted round  tiny tourmaline stone nugget, matte teal green,  wire drapped by me to the bronzed chain 

Realizing  my Frida Kahlo's necklaces I assemble the single pieces of the necklace with my hands and my tools, I print the Frida's  pictures and I cut them one by one, then I paint   the images  and when they dry, I re-enclose the images  in the cabochon, I add the precious bronze roses  and /or  the other  precious stones and finally control and put them in jute bags just for YOU :)

Your Frida necklace will arrive in a jute bag with some decoration ... every time different!

Measures and details:

Chain Style & Size: 24" Rolo loop Chain 

Color: Vintage Brass/Bronze

Cabochon: 3cm x 4cm  (1.18" x 1.57")

Rose Vintage Brass/Bronze : 3cm (0.8" )

Green Tourmaline  tiny stone: 8 mm 

Lenght chain whith closed hook:  31 cm ( 12")

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