Frida Kahlo T shirt Self Portrait  Velvet Dress

Frida Kahlo T-shirt Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress Tshirt

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My Frida Kahlo  painted tshirt  Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress it's  my artistic tribute  t shirt to one of the most important self portrait of the most important mexican female artist.

This painting, "Self Portrait in a Velvet Dress", is a early and the first important  Frida Kahlo self portrait.

.This is not only a  T-shirt, it's Art to Wear and its frame will be you!

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I love Frida Kahlo, her personality and her poetry, even more of her paintings.

That's  why I created  so many tshirts dedicated to the  images of this wonderful mexican artist

I get excited every time I realize this  Frida Kahlo self-portrait T shirt    because  this is the 1st self-portrait that Frida   painted it in 1926, when she was only 19 years old and not yet affected by the her relationship with Diego Rivera.

Frida Kahlo used  this painting as a gift for  her lover, Alejandro Gómez Arias, to regain his love,  because Alejandro thought  she was  too liberal and the mexican artist  was hoping her self-portrait could have the magical power to can win back her love.

Her hope was not disappointed because  after Alejandro received this painting, they went back to be together again :)))

“¿se pueden inventar verbos? quiero decirte uno: yo te cielo, así mis alas se extienden enormes para amarte sin medida.

Can you  invent new verbs? I want to tell you one: I sky you, so my wings extend so large to love you without measure.” 

I combine this Frida Kahlo' s quote  because for me is the most beautiful love sentence  ever written!

My Frida' s Artistic t shirt  is not a simple tshirt, it's art to wear everyone different from the other one!

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I look for and choose by myself every pictures, I edit them, I do researchs for characterizing quotes, then I handly print and paint the shirt with my permanent colors 3d effect 

***t-shirt is packaged in an original cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***


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