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Hamsa Hand Lotus Flower BUDDHA' s Quote Painted 3d T-shirt

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Hamsa Hand Lotus Flower Painted 3d T-shirt


I wanted to paint a Lotus Flower on an Hamsa Hand because the flower is a symbol of rebirth, purity and light after the dark in many cultures and Hamsa Hand ( or Hand of Fatima, Hand of Miriam, Hand of God) has a religious symbolism for all major creeds   that empower it to provide a defense against the evil eye

 I paint a  Lotus Flower on  Hamsa Hand on a Tshirt because this is a historic period pervaded by injustices and abuses fault of a few people who hold power (religious, political and financial) and who take advantage of this to disrupt the equilibrium and to profit from all this.

We should consider that life on this planet will continue to exist only if we are able to respect each other  and take care of all beings that inhabit it and of every resource around us, opening our minds and our soul to knowledge, rejecting prejudices and arrogance and attributing only to ourselves and to our awareness the fate of our future. No one can have greater power on the human beings,  except his mind and his own actions.

I think this  enlightening Buddha's  sentence is perfect to express all this

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