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John Lennon Multicolor T-shirt painting 3d by Quor


John Lennon T-shirt tshirt tee King top painting rock

The Great John Lennon painting by me on a multicolored on relief background!

 John Winston Ono Lennon, a music legend and political activism for peace.

My painting tshirt is a bit tribute to his fame.

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It is not a simple t-shirt, it's a little art work, everyone different from the other one!

 I look for and choose by myself every pictures, I edit them, I do researchs for characterizing quotes, then I handly print and painting the shirt with my water colors 3D effect.

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***t-shirt is packaged in an original cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***

All items in my shop are created by me, therefore, may have some imperfections. This makes them exclusive, unique and unrepeatable!!!

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