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Jose Pepe Mujica T-shirt President of Uruguay Painted - QuorArtisticTshirts

Jose Pepe Mujica T-shirt President of Uruguay Painted

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  •  I will paint Pepe Mujica, the radical president of Uruguay, for YOU
  • on YOUR demand, on YOUR T-shirt
  • with my Permanent Colors on relief
  • it's NOT a simple, serial  T-shirt
  • it's an Artistic, Unique, Painted T-shirt
  • All my T-shirts are exclusive, unique and unrepeatable!!!

The following is one  of Pepe Mujica's quotes that better explain his political and life philosophy, and this is why I love so much this man

“Gastar tempo para cuidar de dinheiro e muito mais tempo da minha vida para ver se estou perdendo ou ganhando? Não, isso não é vida” 

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***t-shirt is packaged in an original cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***


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