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BLM T-Shirt Raised Fist Black Power T-Shirt Painted 3d

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This is NOT a simple T-shirt, this is a real Art Work to wear ,

Add it in your cart, order it and I will handprint and paint this BLACK FIST  on a T-shirt , with my Permanent Colors on relief,  ON DEMAND for YOU  because Black Lives Matter and we have to show everywhere

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I know...my Afro Handmade painted T shirts are totally different from ALL the t-shirts you can find around so...please,  read the REVIEWS that my wonderful customers left to me 

or  feel free to contact me for any answers

It's not a simple tshirt, it's a little art work!

***t-shirt is packaged in an original cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***

All items in my shop are created by me,this makes them exclusive, unique and unrepeatable!!!

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