Virgin Mary T shirt Sacred Heart  Tshirt

Virgin Mary T shirt Sacred Heart Tshirt Religious Catholic Shirt

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Virgin Mary T shirt Sacred Heart Tshirt Religious Catholic Shirt

 This is NOT a T-shirt, this is a Virgin Mary ART TO WEAR that I will realize on YOUR Demand.

I realized the 1st time this Virgin Mary T shirt  on request by Mary, one of my beloved customers in California and... since it' really beautiful, I decided to put it in my shop, available for ALL of YOU so...

will  hand Print and Paint  this Catholic Virgin Mary portrait on YOUR Demand, on YOUR Unique T shirt, using my original painting technique, with Permanent Colors on relief

You will be dazzled by the beauty of my T-shirt with the Mother of Jesus Portrait hand printed by me and Painted by me

I Artistic, Painted T shirts are NOT just serial Pieces of Cotton, so feel free to contact me for any answers or  read the  Reviews  that my wonderful customers left to me 

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*Look at  my ALL Artistic, Handmade T-shirts 

* You will receive your Artistic T-shirt in an original  cardboard box, perfect as a gift! ***

All items in my shop are created by me, this makes them exclusive, unique and unrepeatable!!!


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